What is a Medical Spa? Find The Best Medical Spa Near You

What is a Medical Spa?

Medical spas are also referred to as medspas and medispas. Medical spas can provide both relaxing and rejuvenating treatments in addition to medical treatments. Rejuvenating treatments include relaxing facials and massages. Medical treatments include chemical peels, botox and filler injections, skin tightening, laser hair removal and vein removal. The regulation to operate a medical spa differs from one state to another, but the majority of the states require the presence or virtual consultation with a licensed physician before any procedure or treatment can be carried out.

What to Looks For in Medical Spa?

Attending Physician

The first and the most important part is to make sure that there is a US licensed medical physician supervising the treatment. Before any medical treatment protocol or procedure is conducted, a medical doctor needs to review your medical record, discuss the condition you want to treat and prescribe the best course of action. The doctor will explain in detail the treatment procedure, what to expect, and what to do if you have any adverse reactions to the treatment or questions.

Once the initial consultation with the doctor is completed, the doctor, nurses or licensed aesthetician will carryout the treatment procedure. It is common that you will not talk to the doctor in you subsequent visits if you have not changed the prescribed treatment protocol and treatment is going according to plan.

Products and Procedures

There is no magic or secret when it comes to the products, machines, and procedures used. Before you visit to medical spa, ask about product lines and machines they used. Proud establishment with good reputation will be happily share with you that information. Doing you own research about the on products, procedures will be very beneficial to you, and will provide with added comfort when it comes to you health and spending you hard earned money. Medical spa products, procedures and equipment can be easily researched on sites like, mySpaReview.com or Youtube.com.

Do your research and Read Reviews

Read the medical spa reviews on forum such us mySpaReviews.com. Look at the before and after pictures provided my customers like you. Ask the spa staff about their experience treating your condition. Ask about how long have the doctor, nurses and aestheticians been working at the medical spa you are visiting. Keep in mind that successful businesses retain full time employees for long period of time.

Medical Spa Prices

Prices for medical spa treatments can vary widely. There is no right or wrong price tag, but you have to consider the experience of the staff, the quality of the products used, services offered and the type of amenities. It is sort of an equation that you need to balance in your head and define, once you talked to the spa staff, examined the cosmetic products, and read the reviews.  mySpaReviews is collecting information from medical spas and reviews from customers like you to define what could be the best medical spa prices and specials.

Are you comfortable?

The last thing you need to evaluate is your comfort level. You talked to the staff, you discussed the treatment plan with the supervising medical doctor, you educated yourself on the products, read the reviews and evaluated the prices. The last question you should ask yourself is if you feel comfortable with the proposed treatment plan. Medical spa procedures most often yield great results, but there are always risks. If you are too worried about the risks, or do not understand any part of the products or procedure, walk out. There will be always another day to perform the procedure. Great medical spas never push customers to purchase products or services. They educate and support their customers before making a sell. And that is the biggest advice you can be given. Run away from spas where you feel pressured to buy anything.

Share Your Experience

After visiting a medical spa, it is essential to share your experience and provide feedback to help other customer in selecting the best spa and treatment. At mySpaReviews.com, we promise to not filter out your review. We do not shutdown customer voices for unexplained reasons. We want to hear about the experience from your own eyes. Hopefully, it will help spas celebrate the wins, or improve their services. And it will help other customers, just like you, find the best spas near them.


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