• Katrina Lanckoronska
      February 10, 2021 at 10:43 PM

      First time I tried the services of MedbeautyLA was about a year ago when I tried one of their facials. The facial was very painful and it left little permanent scars in the forehead area (look at the first picture). That time I promised myself to never go to that place again. Until recently when I needed botox injection in my forehead and decided to give it a second chance. I specifically asked for “Botox” in the message. Nobody told me they didn’t have Botox. In fact, they did! The lady replied it’s $5.5 per unit. I knew I maybe needed 10 units. But they were mentioning “dysport” which I never heard before and didn’t realize it was a big difference in price. I never heard of that before. I don’t even know why they offered dysport instead of Botox when I asked specifically for Botox. I feel like they did it on purpose to charge me as much as possible. What is more, my forehead lines never disappeared and they are already getting worse after 2 months! And all of that for $500?? Completely insane! I do Botox which lasts 6 months for not more than $100. This place is overpriced and for no reason completely. When I complained about the service, I was offered a free facial which already completely destroyed my forehead before! I really don’t understand how anybody can be happy of this kind of services. Very expensive and the job they do is far from what it should be. I will definitely never go there again and will tell my neighbors from DTLA and other friends to never even consider MedBeautyLA services. Worst experience in entire LA County and I’ve tried many other places with positively surprising results. Be careful!

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